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Blossoming Artists represents students from across the US as well as local, emerging Michigan artists. If you would like to be represented by Blossoming Artists, feel free to submit a portfolio for us to review.

One of the goals of Blossoming Artists is to enable average-income people to afford to purchase original art, so our price point for incoming artists usually has a ceiling of about $850 retail. Our high end, seasoned artists sell around $1500. We realize some artists aren't comfortable with that price point, but we are here primarily to get people started on a career in art.

Each artist can rent a 4x8 panel in our gallery to hang their work. Each artist represented will sign a 3-month consignment contract and will receive 50% of the retail price of any works sold. In addition, we will feature young artist programs and non-profit organizations in our community space. Our goal is to bring affordable art to the community and provide a venue for Detroit artists. 


Guidelines to assembling your portfolio for submission to our art space:


Blossoming Artists accepts submissions in the form of CD or USB Memory stick delivered via mail or in person to our staff at 4152 Third Street, Detroit MI 48201 or via email to We are not able to immediately review portfolios delivered in person to the art space. Portfolios may be picked up at the art space if not selected.

  •  Please do not contact the art space regarding your submission; if we are interested we will contact you!
  •  Only submit artwork produced in the past 12 months.
  •  Everything must be available and for sale.
  •  Include a separate sheet that listing (for each piece) the title, medium, size and price
  •  Indicate if you are a student or non-student.
  •  Include your contact information!

Due to the anticipated volume of submissions, we are unable to contact every artist regarding their portfolio. We select work, not on our personal tastes, but based on our clientele. We will contact you if you are a good fit for our space. If not selected, you will be notified and you may pick up your portfolio at the art space.


If you have been selected to show with Blossoming Artists bring your work to the space wired and ready to hang on our walls. Any work that isn't ready to hang up on our walls will be sent back to you and the show will be rescheduled.


Thanks for submitting!

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