About Our Flowers

Many of our flowers are in bloom for a short time each year and are prized because of their color, texture or size. You may be amazed at Mother Nature's color palette.  Natural variations of color occur in all flowers.  Sometimes at a quick glance they may be interpreted as "bad".  Petals may have dark edges that appear "brown" or some flowers are so fresh they are still "green-looking" and will develop more color as they mature. All roses have an outer protective petal that is green and wrinkled, some like it, others do not.  These are a natural occurrence. If you prefer a leaf or petal removed, simply pinch it off or clip it.

Occasionally petals flutter from delphinium, or a thirsty hydrangea may need its stem re-cut.  Pollen should be removed from lilies as they open. Our flowers are guarenteed fresh and evolve at different rates allowing you to remove faded flowers and make smaller bouquets as your arrangement matures.

  Take a moment to marvel at the subtle beauty of flowers in bud, full bloom and fading glory!